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MimemaOG Seed Sale

Seed Sale Progress
Spots filled 14%

Send exactly 1 BNB to below address:


QR Code MimemaOG Seed Sale

If you send more/less than 1 BNB, MimemaOG reimburses the whole amount to your wallet address.

The seed sale distributes 10% of the total supply of $MIME for 100 BNB in total.

After completion of the seed sale, each participating wallet receives 0.1% of total $MIME supply for their 1 BNB contribution.

Seed sale investors form the MimemaOG Board of Members. MimemaOG will invite you to the Board within 24h after receiving your donation. 

Do you have further questions? Feel free to reach out anytime on Telegram and on Discord

Bust of Alexander the Great MimemaOG Seed Sale